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Lamborghini World Speed Record 219 mph
3 Rounds of breaking the 200mph Barrier... Round 1: 211mph  Round 2: 214mph  Round 3: 219mph

Video 1 
2:19 Mins  52.3 Mb
Murcielago LP640 Blue Flame & 200+mph 
Sharp Cornering Training... Controlled Spin-outs... 200+mph Speed Run... Blue Flames Shoot out of Exhaust

Video 2 
1:59 Mins  29.6 Mb
Murcielago 190mph Flyby
Lamborghini Murcielago drives by spectators at 190+ mph... Two rounds

Video 3 
2:00 Mins  28.7 Mb
Murcielago LP640 Rain Run
Pickup of US's first 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640... Speed run to 183mph in the Rain

Video 4 
1:57 Mins  14.1 Mb
Mercedes SLR Test Runs
Mercedes SLR McLaren 0-100 & breaking... Racing race-modified Z06 Corvette... Racing motorbike

Video 5 
1:54 Mins  28.2 Mb
Murcielago LP640 Street Run
Lamborghini LP640 Break-in Period, Street Driving up to 120mph, Multiple Driveby Views
Video 6 
2:28 Mins  34.3 Mb
Bugatti Veyron Test Drive
Bugatti Veryron test drive video... Interior views... Purchase details

Video 7 
4:03 Mins  77.5 Mb
Drive to Payson in HD
Multi-Car Mix of Porsche, Corvette, Ford GT, Mercedes SLR to Payson & police road block finale

Video 8 
3:42 Mins  54.8 Mb
Two Hotties
Playmate Tiffany Taylor & the Murcielago go for a drive

Video 9 
3:39 Mins  80.5 Mb
SECC SuperCar Meet
Ferrari Enzo, Carrera GT, Mercedes SLR, Mercedes CLK-DTS, Murcielago LP640 together; Spinout in SLR

Video 10 
4:08 Mins  61.3 Mb
Cruise to Tuscon
Multi-car cruise (Mostly part of the Supra club) & the Murcielago though Tuscon to 175+ Mph